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Compound:-1 ml

Inactivated rabies virus (2-4 IU), Aluminum hydroxide gel, Sodium merthiolate, culture medium. Characteristics: The vaccine contains purified, inactivated rabies virus grown on tissue cultures and absorbed on an aluminum hydroxide gel.

Indication:Active immunity against rabies of target animals .


Side effects: Local swelling the size of a lentil may occur at the application site in sensitive animals. This local reaction, which resolves spontaneously within a few days, mostly occurs when the vaccine is cold at the time of administration and may last up to 3 weeks in very sensitive animals.

Very rarely, sensitive animals may be hypersensitive to all vaccinations.

Contraindications: Animals with any febrile or parasitic disease and that have been bitten or injured by a rabid animal should not be vaccinated. Animals that bite or injure a human can be vaccinated after the quarantine period has passed.

Overdose:Even if more than the recommended dose is given, there is no danger. Because the antigen used in production is inactive.

Storage conditions and Shelf life:

The shelf life of the vaccine is 24 months. The vaccine should not be frozen. Vaccines that have passed the expiry date stated on the package should not be used. It should be stored at +2/+8 in a dry and dark place.

PACKAGING: 10 x 1 ml, 20 x 1 ml, 50 x 1 ml, 100 x 1 ml, 1 x 5 ml, 5 x 10 ml, 5 x 5 ml, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_      _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   _cc78d5cf58d__cc7819_x1bbc 5c 10ml, x1365 10 5cf5cde-3194 1 x 10 ml, 1 x 20 ml, 1 x 50 ml, 1 x 100 ml, 5 x 20 ml, 10 x 20 ml

TKB Import Permit Date and No:28.02.2001/ 006413



Imalatçı company :BIOVETA, ace

Komenskeho 212, 683 23 lvanovice na Hane, Czech Republic


Ithalatscompany:INTERMED ECZA TANKImports.Export,Trade and ContractingLtd. Sti.Health St. 32/4Yenisehir/ANKARA Tel.: (312)435  95 60


Biocan R

  • Dog, cat  and other fur animals, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and other animals.

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